Political Database of the Americas


The PDBA pages are very simply organized. No sophisticated feature are developed and its categorization is extremely self-intuitive and effective. Browsing through the pages allows a rapid location of the needed info. Filter by country is possible.


The search feature refers to the entire Georgetown University website, as well as the site index and the sitemap features. The PDBA pages are browsable by simple and clear categories. A research by country can be conducted in each subsection


All contents (tables, documents, statistics, data but also detailed information, laws and official documents) can be displayed and retrieved in html format and can be saved in this format

Navigational Aids

The sitemap points the Georgetown University website, whom the PDBA is part of. The PDBA clickable table of content is always visible on the left side of each page. No specific PDBA sitemap is therefore provided

User Friendliness

The website organization is quite simple: clear and self-intuitive categories are used to store contents and data. Its basic design offers a friendly navigation to any interested user