Facts on International Relations and Security Trends


Thanks to its user-friendly interface and simple information structure, FIRST offers a great experience to users of any level, providing easy access to a wide range of factual information and specific data from different countries and institutions.


Depending on the single database structure, several searching options are available, thus allowing for simultaneous queries in multiple databases, countries or regions, in addition to free-text searches and more advanced features


Displayed data can be saved and copied instantly, while no downloading or other advanced features are available

Navigational Aids

A simple and intuitive design allows for an easy understanding of the entire site structure. Some navigation tips - mainly explaining the meaning of icons - are provided

User Friendliness

One of FIRST's main goals is to provide a wide range of factual information in a short time and through one single user-friendly interface. Its simple approach allows also for low-technology access, excellent for users from developing countries