The Harvard-MIT Data Center


Most information can be easily downloaded from the Virtual Data Center, as well as entire data files and associated files, using several locally developed software. Some information overload can be spotted here and there


The general site search is managed through Google, thus providing very specific results on any topic or name entered. Requests related to the various databases are submitted and processed online


Current Harvard and MIT affiliates may download data from the Virtual Data Center, as well as the entire data file and associated files, by using tools locally developed but compatible with MS Excel spreadsheets

Navigational Aids

A series of detailed faqs is available throughout the site, to address administrative problems, help in the general navigation and solve technical issues - particularly for unexperienced users

User Friendliness

In spite of its high-quality design, the site may suffer from information overload, as most of the online data are only a reference to material available in the actual paper collections