HighWire Press


Advanced search features and high-tech tools are present to locate information. Customization tools and navigational aids are highly developed to help users as orientation is not always easy


Many search features are available: by all or by selected journals; search within topics; quick search by citation. Search results indicate which full-text is accessible and can be summarized by topic, or sorted and filtered


Information can be saved mostly in a predefined format. Downloading is limited by the publishers'policy and available only on their own websites: users can find abstracts or free samples, or pay-per-view services

Navigational Aids

A complex guide to Highwire contents is available. Browsing is possible by categories or by using TopicMap, a sort of cognitive visual map. Moreover, several detailed help pages, tips and a FAQ file are also available

User Friendliness

This site has a dense interface with many information on content and targets, well-developed customization tools and search features, while sometimes the orientation is not easy