Making good use of RSS Feed, Google maps, multimedia and social networking tools, this site design is very pleasant and effective stressing its general accessibility. Also provided is an advanced search facility, with a very useful search help page


Along with a simple keyword search (covering various databases, if needed), more advanced options enables users to further refine their search. A detailed search help page is also provided


In addition to the download functions available in the companion website LabSpace, here there are many individual files (audio, video and images) drawn from the single units. Pictures are also included in the OpenLearn page on Flickr and MP3 and video files are provided from the Language units

Navigational Aids

Along with a FAQ file and a specific glossary, the general outlook makes good use of the Web 2.0 tools. A very user-oriented site, it does not need any particular navigational aid

User Friendliness

The overall design is simple and effective, with some basic graphical elements helping the overall navigation. The units released in OpenLearn are all reviewed to address accessibility and they are easy to access for any user