IMS Global Learning Consortium


Based on a sophisticated design, this site features a sitemap, RSS Feed, and many visual tips -- although sometime its content and structure are overwhelming. A powerful keyword search is provided, along with dynamic features enabling good usability.


A powerful keyword search window is provided in each page's left column. Also useful are several pop-up submenus, while its professional design makes easy to locate the needed pages/info.


Articles, interviews and papers are availbale on-screen, while specifications, standard charts and other technical files can be downloaded as pdf files only by registered users

Navigational Aids

Along with a comprehensive sitemap and RSS Feed, plenty of visual tips help users to successfully navigate the website -- although sometimes the vast amount of available material and options could feel intimidating

User Friendliness

A sophisticated design makes a good use of some graphical elements and dynamic features, thus providing a great level of usability. Access to its overall content and structure, though, require some kind of courageous approach