Virtual Educa


With its professional and visually rich look, Virtual Educa does not feature a search facility but provides instead a sitemap, many graphics tools and intuitive tips for an effective navigation. However, beware of a possible information overload.


Despite its professional look, this portal does not provide any specific search option. But there is no lack of images, boxes, and graphics elements to help users to find what they need


While most content is displayed and saved in html pages, some editorials, news story and text files can be downloaded free of charge (in doc and pdf formats) while external sites provide access to multimedia files also

Navigational Aids

A comprehensive sitemap and many visual tips enables users to navigate quite effectively. However, first time visitors could easily loose their path due the many options presented up front with prominence

User Friendliness

Very rich in visual and dynamic terms, this site is engulfed with any kind of news and resources: a good thing for Spanish-speaking people but also a clear risk of an information overload