Outstanding visual and conceptual website structure providing high-developed tools for writing projects and papers. A highly sophisticated tutorial helps newcomers to understand and use the many Questia features at their best.


An easy-to-use advanced search feature is provided. Questia website also allows searching by single word or phrase in all the books and journal articles in the collection


Non-subscribers can save the Questia webpages and retrievable materials in web format, while subscribers can access a printer-friendly version including all work-in-progress tools, annotations, highlightings, etc.

Navigational Aids

A tutorial of outstanding quality is provided by the Questia website in order to explain to users how to exploit the online library's features. A live help by chat with Questia staff is also possible

User Friendliness

Excellent website structure and organization due to visual and logical categorization. Intelligent tools to write papers and projects are included in Questia's structure and available to subscribers