Open Courseware Consortium


With its clear and well-designed structure, this website allows users to easily locate useful information, by a simple page browsing or by a search option. A faqs file provides a great introduction to the open courseware philosophy.


Users can find course materials by browsing individual OpenCourseWare sites or by searching across all programs. Also, a search box at the right top of each page enables a search by topic or language. The specific course material can easily be located browsing through link listings


The website offers only a limited amount of material for downloading, although overall each page with plenty of useful information can be saved on -screen

Navigational Aids

An help page (based on a comprehensive faqs file) is provided as a guide to understand the main open content concepts and procedures

User Friendliness

Well designed, clear and accessible website with an efficient navigation structure. The content is also labeled by its different language versions