Parlit, Parline and Women in Politics


The IPU Databases can be easily searched through multiple keys features. No specific aid or help files, but navigation is easy in the main pages, while the a non-standard interface for the various databases and internal page creates some confusion


A plain system of multiple keys by author, subject, language, periodical, etc., is provided to check the databases and obtain information. A quick search feature is also present on the IPU home page


IPU webpages with retrieved material from the databases can be saved in standard web formats. In some cases direct downloading of documents in their original format (usually pdf) is possible

Navigational Aids

While no help or aids are provided, orientation in the IPU websites and through the databases is very easy even for non-experts

User Friendliness

Inadequate interface design with no standardized pages and contents. Some difficulties in finding the right navigational path.