The National Archives of Australia


A multiple search engine and a sophisticated downlaoding feature allow users to retrieve the desired records. The clear content organization along with several navigational tools make navigation easy through a huge amount of records.


Online users can search with multiple options for descriptions of documents, photographs, posters, maps, films, sound recordings. They can also view or order digital copies of some records


General search will retrieve documents or pages available on the website -- in HTML, Word or PDF formats. Items in the actual collection can be located through RecordSearch and (for photographs) PhotoSearch databases

Navigational Aids

Based on a simple and effective design, the Archives provides also an extensive sitemap quite useful for the general navigation. Also available are a good series of informative Fact Sheets and a written Tutorial

User Friendliness

The site's intuitive and well-organized design offers an easy ride through a large databank of historical records and material. An interesting "iPod Tour" is featured in the opening page