eScholarship Repository


Thanks to its intuitive design and so many options, the repository offers an easy navigation and search to users of any level, with a truly open access policy that is guarantee for success: an average week scores about 45,000 full-text downloads


Beside a basic sub-division through category, subjects, campus, etc., both a simple (full text/author) and advanced search (title/date/sections) options are fully available


Most documents are fully and easily available for downloading in pdf format, while other data can be simply saved on-screen -- with thousands of full-text downloads every single week

Navigational Aids

Although virtually no specific aid is provided, an help page offers internal links, descriptions, and images for navigational assistance

User Friendliness

Simple to navigate and search, the database provides a positive experience for users of any level; an email or RSS feeds subscription is available for alerting about new material posted