American National Election Studies


Thanks to its simple and user-friendly outline (but sometime too static), this database provides different options to access its material (category browsing, keyword search, file dowloading) in order to satisfy a vast array of experts and scholars


Besides browsing by category or year, questions asked in the traditional ANES biennial surveys are organized into searchable files and divided by decade; a Google-powered keyword search option is also provided


The Cumulative Data Files and basic documents can be viewed online and also downloaded as ZIP files, while other material can be promptly displayed (and saved) online

Navigational Aids

Due to its intuitive design, the site is easy to navigate and also provides a sitemap, a local search engine and an e-maling list -- although some dynamic elements will improve its overall effect

User Friendliness

Mostly user-friendly, this site provides simple access to all of its pages and functions