This portal is extremely simply-conceived with a clear and intuitive categorization and content management. Browsing is sufficient to retrieve info and resources so that no sophisticated help tools or search feature are needed. Entirely in French.


A very simple search feature by keyword is available instead of browsing and rolling over the resource lists. Its results however redirect only to the general list where the desired record is contained and not to the specific item


The Sociopôle webpages and provided contents can be displayed on screen and saved in standard html format. The links redirect the users to the related resources in new webpages

Navigational Aids

No sitemap is provided but orientation in this website is extremely simple, being the categories clear and well-structured. Resources are then alphabetically listed, and in case of dense categories this may cause difficulties in finding quickly the desired record

User Friendliness

The basic structure of this portal allows an easy and immediate orientation even to non-expert users. The used language is French only