The American Memory Project


The simple but outstanding website structure is one of the project's major characteristic. Although full of complex information, its content is easy to browse and use for any user -- particularly in the education environment


A complex set of links, organized by topics, is viewable at the superficial level; multiple search engines are usable at the deeper levels, organized both by topics and keywords with very advanced textual research options


Data cover the full range of multimedia files, and are available in different formats, largely compatible with all software and hardware platforms. A table with all the available file formats explains their specific features in order to choose the most suitable one

Navigational Aids

As an educational-aid-oriented project, the website is endowed with very effective and detailed tutorials, search tips and examples, including technical explanations about the digitization process for each collection

User Friendliness

The site architecture is simple and intuitive, including such teaching-oriented sections as "Collection Highlights" and "Today in History" , while detailed and specific data inquiries are always handy