Population Reference Bureau


Gathering information and data from many different sources, this website offers several archives on demographic global issues; plenty of current news and analyses are available under different formats, always up-to-date.


PRB's work is funded by private foundations, government agencies, and donors. Co-operations with nonprofit organizations and universities are frequent


The website content is well organized in many areas and topical sections, thus providing an excellent overview of complex but inter-related issues in easy-to-access formats (bulletins, data-sheets, ppt, pdf, html)

Information density

Each topic archive offers a remarkable quantity and quality of information and data (news, reports, research papers, census data, graphics, etc.) readily available

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Providing current news and analyses on population trends and other demographic issues, this website is interesting for anybody involved or interest in PS studies, as well as for policymakers and the general public as well

Updating Rate

With its professional outline and management, the PRB website provides always new material about current news but also updated researches and bulletins