Political Database of the Americas


The PDBA website provides many useful info about the political system, society and politics of the 35 countries of the Americas. 1,500 pages of references, official documents and electoral data are present, as well as plenty of pertinent link lists.


The PDBA is an academic project located at Georgetown University (US), developed and managed by a research team from the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) in collaboration with the Organization of American States (OAS). It is also supported by a number of other institutions in North and South America


All contents are provided in html format and presented mostly in tables. Records are commented and described, both in case of links to other webresources and in case of official documents

Information density

This website provides a fair quantity of records, mainly basic info on the state and political system of the concerned country

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering official and institutional sources at the political, governmental and civil level - from electoral results to political parties, from courts to parliaments and associations - of the 35 American countries, this database has a clear relevance for social and political science issues

Updating Rate

The updating rate varies along with the sections. Some have been recently renewed or updated, some others are still under construction, while others would need to be updated