La Documentation Française


The DF website presents and provides a remarkable amount of material (public reports, photos, books, articles, etc.) mainly consisting in reports and publications issued by the DF itself on the main French and international public affairs topics.


The DF website, as well as the whole DF activities, is managed by a unit of the Prime Minister central administration


The DF data bank covers an impressive number of topics related with the public life and public administration. Reports, dossiers, publications and archives are provided in pdf or html format. Some other material, expecially interviews and book presentation are available also in audio/video format

Information density

The online catalogue consists in about 3,500 records since 1993. Photo and map archives are also present. The section ?Rapports publiques? provides 4,500 reports on administrative, governmental, institutional topics, produced by the French government on the main current public themes

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Primary and secondary resources from the French government and other official institutions offered by this website are extremely useful for PS and social sciences researches

Updating Rate

Some sections, like the DF online library's new materials are updated quite often while others follow the publications'timing