This website gives access to a huge amount of statistical (comparable and updated) data and info on world countries, as well as to learning and teaching tools. NationMaster is then a very useful tool for empirical analysis, and for PS studies as well

Selection was created and is maintained by a web developer and his technology company based in Sydney, Australia. A group of experts manage the website's contents


NationMaster databases are organized in integrated archives, and their items are presented with annotations and are also retrievable in tables and graphs

Information density

This website provides an online database including thousands of country statistics and comparisons. For each region and country a detailed profile and maps are available. Also offered integration to an online free encyclopedia

Content Pertinence to Political Science

With its richness of data this website represents a useful tool for empirical analysis in various fields, including PS studies

Updating Rate

Overall the updating rate is quite frequent: in particular, current items and articles are posted twice a month