Aimed to both the general public and experts/professionals, EUR-Lex provides direct access to a vast amount of official documents and collections related to EU law; it offers many, well-organized layers of information and an excellent updating rate.


Managed by the EU Publications Office, EUR-lex has been created by merging the EUR-Lex site with the CELEX database on European law


This website provides a great amount of integrated data and structured information. Despite its large size, the whole content is well-organized and fairly divided in several sections and collections, provided in different formats (from html pages to pdf and tiff)

Information density

EUR-Lex provides direct access to Official documents related to EU law, including treaties, legislation, case-law, legislative proposals and other collections

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Concerning EU matters and legislation, the whole site content is also relevant for PS scholars and students

Updating Rate

Due to its professional management, the site material features a perfect updating rate, particularly for new documents and newsletters