Parlinfo Web


By covering the main Australian Parliament activities, the content of this repository is fairly distributed and consists in official and institutional material available in text, pdf and html formats. Its general content shows a good updating rate.


Managed by the Australian Parliament, Parlinfo Web is the online service of the Parliamentary Document Repository and a part of the more comprehensive website of the Austrialian Parliament


The whole content is well organized and divided in clearly identified areas, with a fairly distributed quantity of material, provided as text and html formats, as well as pdf files

Information density

Providing access to documents related to the work of the Australian Parliament, this repository includes official and institutional material, from Senate briefings to weekly summaries and general transcripts

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Dealing with official documents and material about the Australian Parliament internal affairs, this site is useful for both PS scholars and the general public

Updating Rate

Documents and pages are regularly updated, particularly such sections as "This Week in Parliament" and the "Senate Daily Summary"