The Roper Center's iPoll


This database contains high-quality survey results and data gathered from several important academic, commercial and media sources, offering a good depth of resources to scholars and professionals, and a fair updating rate for related news and data.


Provided by the Roper Center, this integrated database contains survey results and data from academic, commercial and media survey organizations such as Pew Center, Washington Post, Center for Political Studies


Drawn from different sources, the iPoll collection of data is presented in a well-structured format along paths and sub-directories easy to browse and access

Information density

iPoll is a comprehensive database for US nationwide public opinion with good depth of resources and expertise allowing to shift through nearly 150 survey organizations

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Putting together great research, references, and creative thinkers, these data are quite helpful for PS scholar and professionals, allowing for in-depth analysis in the ever-changing area of worldwide surveys

Updating Rate

The database appears to be updated quite regularly with detailed news, poll results and other documents relevant to the various aspects of the socio-political survey field