US Census Bureau


US Census Bureau online data service offers access to a relevant quantity of demographic, economic, governmental and social statistics. The website is very rich-in-content and very useful for any researcher who needs quantitative data on the US


US Census Bureau and its online data services are part of the Department of Commerce of the US Government


The Census Bureau website contains different datasets, offers access to a huge amount of demographic, economic, and social statistics, and provides data from complex archives available in various formats

Information density

The website is very rich in its content. Users can directly access US Census data sets as well as a huge amount of US statistical census data, codebooks, explanations sheets and row data

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Relevant demographic, economic, social, and governmental statistics and indicators may be very useful data for PS researchers

Updating Rate

Databases and census data are updated according to survey timings, while news sections and FAQs are more often filled in