Facts on International Relations and Security Trends


This integrated database system features a great deal of information at the international level, covering many topics related to the fields of international relations and security, mostly drawn from official institutions and sources.


This integrated database system contains a great amount of information selected by participating institutions, from the Inter-parliamentary Union to the World Bank


Content is sorted into different categories, thus offering a simple and well-organized data structure. News, general infos, country profiles, statistical data and indicators are available

Information density

Information retrieved, according to personal parameters, appears to be quite detailed and drawn from official data and sources (i.e. statistics, maps, charts, etc. definitions)

Content Pertinence to Political Science

FIRST databases cover a vast array of topics, from armed forces and arms production to electoral system and recent elections in many countries, thus only partially including PS related material

Updating Rate

Updating pace varies with each different database and does not appear to be consistent throughout the whole integrated system