The Amnesty International library


The Amnesty International archive covers a large amount of well-structured content, available in four different languages. These data are very valuable for research as well as for the general public


Providing access to official Amnesty International documents and reports, the library covers the organization's material from 1996 to date


Available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic, the documents are organized under a simple and intuitive structure. News and more dynamic infos are fully provided while rich-in-content abstracts are available for lengthy documents such as country or annual reports

Information density

This database provides a great amount of information, effectively condensed in order to offer a positive experience to any user

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Amnesty International reports and data are always a great source of information for PS scholars and students -- even if not specifically addressing PS issues

Updating Rate

Dealing with an organization such as Amnesty International, one can expect a prompt and fast updating rate, and will be never disappointed