THOMAS website gives free access to full-text congressional records, committee reports and legislative documents over the last 30 years, as well as to other hystorical databases of the Congress activity. The site is updated daily.


THOMAS is the well-known online service managed by the Library of Congress providing US legislative information and official records to the public


Information and records are organized in different archives and provided in several formats. Each record is provided with detailed metadata along with its full-text in different formats and info about related records

Information density

The site contains a remarkable amount of primary material covering the legislative activity of the US Congress in the last decades. Full-text records along with congressional acts and committee reports are provided

Content Pertinence to Political Science

This website is an extraordinary primary source for all researchers interested in the legislative production of US Congress

Updating Rate

Congress activity documents are available almost in real time. Records received from the Government Printing Office are updated several times through the day. Congressional records and reports are updated daily