Economic and Social Data Service


Covering several UK-based academic repositories about social and economic sciences, this website provides useful data and direct links to integrated research areas/websites, with a rich information density and a quite regular updating rate


The ESDS website is a jointly-funded initiative sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), whose staff are in charge for the content provision and selection


Covering different databases and sections, this portal features an integrated info structure based on a coherent style and navigation outline. Records are available in different formats (full-text, statistical charts, etc.), organized and displayed through complex archives and datasets

Information density

A remarkable quantity of data and material is available. Four renowned research centers integrate their services providing several databases with different and numerous resources in each of the thematic areas. ESDS news and direct links to each research area supporting the project are also present

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Addressing economic and social data mostly related to the UK landscape, this portal provides useful material for PS researchers

Updating Rate

Providing access to a series of integrated info, the whole website is frequently updated with new entries and references, particularly in the latest news section