Country Indicators for Foreign Policy


Divided in several Issue Areas and sub-areas, plus a series of Reports, the database provides specific ranking notes for many countries worldwide. Information and data (sometimes outdated) are spread throughout the site in a well-structured format.


Developed by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade the database is managed by an expert team of professionals


Featuring a series of statistical data and tables, from Economic Performance to Enviromental Stress to Governance and Political Instability, the information structure is basic and intuitive as well as well-structured -- also due to specific indicators consistently applied throughout the site

Information density

With over 100 performance indicators for 196 countries, this database provides issue-based perspective and country performance measure. Information is spread along the whole database, with statistical data complemented by several reports

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Browsing the Issue Areas and, even more, the several sub-areas and the various reports, users can find several topics related to social and political science for each country covered

Updating Rate

While the latest newsletter available is dated June 2007, other content areas show a slower updating rate