The Harvard-MIT Data Center


This is a very large and integrated database, providing access to a great amount of statistics and data collected from prestigious International sources. Thus information is necessarily condensed and rich in reference material for further research


Aimed to host and disseminate collections of research data, HMDC provides an integrated collection of information from the large Harvard and MIT data collections


The Archive covers several social science data collections, spanning from business and management materials to social sciences programs, whose data are constantly integrated to provide a better service

Information density

Dealing with a large database, information is necessarily condensed and organized under several criteria -- with a great amount of simple reference material and data

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Due to its inter-disciplinary mission, HMDC offers access to a great amount of material related to PS in general, as well as to data from prestigious International sources

Updating Rate

The overall updating rate appears to be quite good, in order to keep the pace of the various resources constantly updated in the original databases and libraries covered