The European Library


By covering 45 national libraries through a unique cross-searchable catalogue, this integrated collection provides basic info such as abstracts and classification, with relevant updated data about European geo-political transformations.


This portal is hosted and maintained by the National Library of The Netherlands and partly funded by the European Commission. A single cross-searchable catalogue includes Europe's 45 national libraries


The library provides content search in several national libraries and databases, presenting integrated results. Being mainly a portal, it offers basic info such as collections abstracts and classifications

Information density

Being an open library catalogue of 45 national libraries, the amount of info available is not exactly measurable. This is surely one of the biggest access services in Europe

Content Pertinence to Political Science

PS knowledge at a national level is very well represented through this cross-connected library repository. Scholars can receive a historical perspective of the European geo-political transformations as well as of the democratization process

Updating Rate

As a joint and growing catalogue, records are very frequently updated while new collections are added periodically