Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Here we have frequently updated and well-integrated entries in a comprehensive set of topics, mostly philosophy-centered. Each entry is explained with a detailed text, table of contents, references, pertinent links, and other useful data


The encyclopedia is maintained and kept up-to-date by a group of experts in the field but it is also supported by a network of cultural institutions. Also mirrors in Europe and Australia have been activated


SEP webpages provide a long alphabetical list of entries. For each of them, a text in html format, a clickable table of contents, scientific reference, external links to pertinent resources, as well as related entries are provided

Information density

Encyclopedia tables of contents count hundreds of entries (most of them already compiled), well-integrated and connected with related external websources. Detailed editorial information and other pertinent publications and references are also retrievable

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The SEP is philosophy-centered but political science is included in the large set of fields covered, since several ideas and terms are crucial in both disciplines

Updating Rate

Very fast publication and revision timing, with headwords added or revised mostly on a weekly basis