The Encyclopedia of Marxism


Complex content organization, with keywords, hypertexts, and directories to retrieve info. As any encyclopedia it provides general but relevant descriptions, along with logical and semantical hypertextual associations.


The Encyclopedia is created and maintained by a internal group of volunteers with professional competence in specific fields, such as history, politics, philosophy, etc.


For each issue, event, subject or list of ideas, there is a rich and hypertextual description, with added material and metainfo

Information density

Despite the amateur nature of this website, it provides a remarkable quantity of information broadly addressing marxist ideas, with useful hypertextual links between related keywords

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The topic is limited but extremely relevant for Political Science studies, having its focus on a specific period and ideology which remain crucial for this discipline

Updating Rate

Content update is not clearly addressed nor appears to be very frequent, depending on the contributors' additions