Oxford Scholarship Online


A growing and up-to-date tool for interdisciplinary research, this site offers access to the full text of over 1,350 Oxford books in the areas of Economics, Finance, Philosophy, Political Science and Religion, with about 200 more titles added yearly


Managed by the Oxford University Press with an educational approach, OSO site appears well tailored to its academic audience. A major expansion of publishing new scholarly monographs online is announced for Fall 2007.


A well-structured information outline guides the users throughout the website. Information is available in different layers: from reference data to abstract, from book chapters excerpt to full-text

Information density

OSO provides access to over 1,350 Oxford University Press books in the humanities and social sciences: their full-text is searchable also across titles and subjects

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Underlying its interdisciplinary approach, this database also includes a good amount of material related to PS topics. Books are classified on the base of the main categories of Political Science

Updating Rate

Several new books are added each month to the searchable database, thus keeping users updated with new publications