Wilson Social Sciences Full Text


Providing access to full-text, abstracts and indexes of several hundred social sciences periodicals, this database offer great information density and good relevance to PS studies - although commercially driven


Scientific relevance but also commercial agreements are criteria for including a periodical in this database. Abstracts are written by professionals with a social science background


Under a integrated structure, the various repositories contain either abstracts (50-150 words) and indexes (over 625 periodicals as far back as 1983) of articles or their full-text (215 journals as far back as 1995)

Information density

With several info levels, this database provides a wide assortment of the most important scholarly journals published in the U.S.

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Many fields and disciplines are covered, ranging from psychology to urban studies, with some good relevance for PS, Humanities & Social Sciences studies

Updating Rate

An icon in the library community for 108 years, this Wilson database has a great updating rate: with daily news (monthly on WilsonDisc).