The MIT Libraries


Content organization is very complex and highly dense. Users can find structured and updated info and access the basic OPAC features. Research results provide specific icons giving additional info about status and availability of records


The MIT Libraries support the Institute's programs of study and research through an integrated and sophisticated network of subject libraries


Comments and graphical metainfo are assigned to complex archives, with enabled information retrieval from e-journals and/or related databases. Graphical elements help users in resource identification (download, availability, etc.)

Information density

A complex architecture of contents is provided through many data-sets. Considering the MIT archives' huge amount of records, a good amount of material is available here online

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Users can retrieve direct and specific info/data concerning Political Science and related disciplines by accessing specialized archives as well as the MIT Opac

Updating Rate

General news and other content are updated on a weekly rate by the MIT libraries' staff