The Harvard University Library


General public can access a remarkable quantity of information and records from the numerous catalogues and special collections. A huge quantity of detailed metadata is available on stored records and linked sources.


The Harvard University Library is the coordinating body for the more than 80 libraries that form the large Harvard library system


Different and numerous sets of records and detailed metainfo situated in different archives, libraries and special collections are offered by the online version of the HUL. Different formats are available for different kinds of resources and records

Information density

All catalogues provide detailed metainfo. Several rich collections store traditional and digital resources, with an outstanding density of data

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Of course PS and social sciences have a prominent space within a vast number of disciplines included in the subject areas

Updating Rate

Catalogues and collections are updated according to libraries' acquisitions. Other sections (such as news, calendar) are instead more frequently updated, usually each week