Social Science Research Network


The SSRN site provides access to scientific material (articles and abstracts) displayed by social sciences-related networks and aimed at bridging the academic and business communities. It thus results in a quite rich and up-to-date info environment.


The website content is selected by a scholarly board of trustees, including academics and experts in the concerned fields


Covering several topics and databases, the SSRN records are stored in complex and integrated archives, and displayed in different textual format

Information density

About 160,000 abstracts and over 126,000 full text articles covering many fields related to social science are retrievable through this website

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The SSRN site is usefully addressing social science disciplines, more than strictly the PS ones, covering such different issues as accounting, law, marketing, and social insurance

Updating Rate

Overall the site is very up-to-date, particularly for research papers announced in the last 60 days and other time-sentive material