Center for Research Libraries


According to its mission aiming at cooperating and sharing resources, the Center of Research Libraries gives fraccess to a huge catalog including 600.000 titles, along with rare special collections. Also microform files are available with annotations


While the center's activites are decided by an elected Board of Directors, the catalogue entries are managed by a staff of academics and scholars


Catalogue records are displayed with metadata and annotations. Webpages provide hints and comments explaining how to use this website and the nature of its contents. Special collections contain also microfilms and other digital resources in image format

Information density

More than 600.000 titles are searchable through the center's online catalog. Special collections, cooperative projects and reports on the current research activities are also present

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Political science is only one of the many human science disciplines covered by materials contained in this website

Updating Rate

Newsletter and info on future events are posted on a quarterly basis. Other sections? updating varies along with research and acquisition timing