Jonsson Library of Government Documents


This website provides rich metadata on Jonsson's records, covering many topics worldwide and many sources. Thanks to its several layers of information, its networked resources provide updated records in several formats from full-text to e-books.


Jonsson Library is a service managed by the Stanford University, thus providing an integrated content selection with other Stanford services


Jonsson Library collects records of various nature organized in comprehensive archives. Records are classified and annotated with reference lists and library catalogues are provided in different formats, (texts, images, e-books)

Information density

This collection provides official and institutional records from very different sources, including many at the international level. An impressive amount of information, including multimedia files, is available about each topic or item

Content Pertinence to Political Science

While the Jonsson Library covers a large diversity of entities and subjects, PS-related records are available in several areas, including both international and US governmental agency sources

Updating Rate

Updating rate varies according to the library's acquisition timing, and in general is quite regular