WorldCat is the main block of the OCLC services and products. It is a unique catalogue and database composed of material from thousands of libraries. Over 88 millions of records, in all kinds of formats, are included.


WorldCat is a huge bibliographic database, the merged catalogue of thousands of OCLC member libraries. More than 50,000 libraries worldwide use and contribute to WorldCat


OCLC member institutions mantain this unique repository by sharing their own catalogues including different sources (books, articles, multimedia) and formats

Information density

Around 88 million bibliographic records are present in this huge catalogue. On average, a new record is added to the WorldCat databases (over 981 million of entries) every 10 seconds

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Being a general and comprehensive library database/catalogue, many records have a direct connection to PS and related studies

Updating Rate

As a library catalogue WorldCat is continuously updated, whilst the webpage is updated along with main innovations. The updating process is shown online by a special tool