Central and Eastern European Online Library


With its rich archive providing info and full texts for hundreds of humanities and social science journals focused on Central and Eastern Europe, this website makes accessible many research materials on this area of the world.


This website is maintained by a group of scholars and professionals working at the Frankfurt Eastern/Western European Cultural Center Palais Jalta. Its content is provided by publishers and editors, mainly from Central European countries


Contents are organized in complex archives and showed by countries and in alphabetical order. Documents are retrievable in their original languages and with large annotations

Information density

This website gives access to a huge amount of periodicals and books on Central and Eastern Europe. Offered also info on other research materials and external sources

Content Pertinence to Political Science

This website shows material on Central-Eastern European topics in the field of humanities and social sciences. Hence political science is only one of the covered disciplines

Updating Rate

As a library catalogue, the CEEOL website is frequently updated and new titles are added on a weekly basis