Columbia University Libraries


The CUL website provides an excellent service with any kind of information about the more than 25 libraries involved, with many pages fully packed with detailed news and available materials. A great resource with regular updates.


More than 25 libraries from the network under the CUL project and its website are managed


The website large amount of information is organized under a complex and integrated structure. Contents are provided in several formats from textual and images to more sophisticated versions, from the general online catalog (CLIO) to its vast collection of electronic resources, manuscripts and other nonprint formats

Information density

This site provides a large amount of data about the dozens of libraries, catalogs, collections hosted at NYC's Columbia University (8.6 million volumes). It also offers detailed info about use and access as well as lots of useful resources

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering any possible topics in the academic world, the CU libraries and its website are surely a great resource for PS studies

Updating Rate

With its high standards, the CUL and its website provide an excellent service in updating any news about new entries in the libraries, local events and other related information