Living Reviews in European Governance


LREG is an innovative project giving access to up-to-date critical reviews of the state of research on European governance. Retrievable in various versions, each article presents a commentary of its contents, evolution and achievements.


Living Reviews in European Governance is a service provided by a highly qualified editorial board. Selection is assured by scholars participating in the two EU Sixth Framework Programme projects, which created LREG. The Living journal maintenance is assured by the Max Planck Society


Publications are provided with rich annotations. Each article presents a commentary of its contents, evolution, achievements in various versions as well as tables, graphs when available

Information density

Plenty of info on the e-journals's initiatives and organization but with a still limited number of research publications

Content Pertinence to Political Science

LREG publishes reviews in all areas of European governance. High pertinence to political science

Updating Rate

The journal is organized into yearly volumes. Articles appear throughout the year, as they are ready for publication, and are keep up-to-date by their authors