SciELO is a remarkable example of scientific network for increasing national and international accessibility of the Ibero American academic online production: full-text articles, databases and archives of grey literature and statistics are provided.


SciELO is a model for cooperative electronic publishing in developing countries. It is a product of a partnership among the State of São Paulo Science Foundation and national and international institutions related to scientific communication and editors


SciELO contents include several structured categories: online publication of complete editions of scientific journals in pdf format, searchable bibliographical and full-text databases, electronic archives and statistical indicators

Information density

With ten SciELO-related websites in different countries, this is an extremely rich network of online databases allowing easy access to the Ibero American scientific literature

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Journals cover any area of academic interest - Social and Political Sciences are represented as well

Updating Rate

New journals issues are frequently indexed and made available online right after their actual publication