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Blackwell Synergy provides more than 1 million full-text scientific articles from over 850 academic journals covering subjects from all human and hard sciences. Abstracts, tables of contents, metadata and cross references are also provided.


Blackwell Synergy is the online service by Blackwell Publishing (which is now part of Wiley) concerning academic journals, the majority of which is published by Blackwell on behalf of international scholarly and professional societies


Information and contents are highly structured. Journals' metadata, lists of issues, tables of contents and article abstracts are available along links and subject section in textual, html or pdf format. Full-texts are also available in different formats

Information density

Blackwell Synergy database holds the full-text articles of its over 850 academic journals with a total amount of over 1 million scientific articles

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The covered subjects range across all disciplines and sciences. Political science is also represented with a remarkable number of authoritative journals

Updating Rate

The website databases are updated frequently, following the journals' issues