The British Library Integrated Catalogue


Users can easily search over twelve million items, previously included in separate sources, presented under a simple information structure and covering different subjects, thus making this integrated catalogue a very useful source for PS research.


This catalogue unites several previously separate sources to list over twelve million items in the British Library's collections managed by a skilled and professional staff


Data are gathered and presented in an integrated format, from references to electronic documents. Its multiple search options for the integrated catalogue give allows users effective results

Information density

The library provides an integrated catalogue which lists over twelve millions items, 9 million articles, hundreds of manuscripts, 90,000 sounds recordings and images, learning resources and exhibitions

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering a vast array of subjects, from Newspapers to Humanities and Social Sciences open-access reference books, this integrated catalogue can be quite useful for PS studies and research

Updating Rate

As soon as new material became available in the main library repository, it also shows up in this smaller reference repository