Political Studies Review


This is a large database of PS English book reviews, available as full text and subdivided into eight thematic areas. Timely and comprehensive, this is an excellent research tool for scholars and professionals in the field.


Managed by the British Political Studies Association (PSA), this site features books reviewed by scholars and volunteers clearly experienced with PS issues. A small team is in charge for the website content selection and management


Part of the Blackwell Publishing group, this site provides organized sections for book reviews (in full-text), along with a printable version and classification metadata

Information density

As a leading world source for reviews of political science books in English, this site features a great deal of material (about 500 book reviews a year).

Content Pertinence to Political Science

As a service of the Political Studies Association, books are selected in eight different sub-areas well related to PS studies

Updating Rate

Even if recently the updating rate has gained some speed, it still remains at an unsatisfactory level