Periodicals Index Online


With a special attention to historical material, the index content is quite multidisciplinary and varied, allowing for detailed searching options in several kinds of journals and databases.


This website features a typical corporate-based content, covering journals and articles published by the Chadwyck-Healey Group and its new owner, ProQuest Information and Learning


A simple structure allows for an easy understanding and navigation through the various information layers related to journal indexes, abstracts, scholarly references and articles full-texts

Information density

The index covers a good amount of different subjects, from Business and Finance to Women's Studies, particulalry valuable at historical level. Over 4,750 Journals are covered and searchable

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The site's multidisciplinary approach includes a fair quantity of content material devoted to such issues as Government, History and Politics, Humanities and Social Sciences

Updating Rate

Provinding a regular update in many of its subject areas, the Periodicals Index Online database is aiming to a constant growth