The Cornell University Library


Providing access to over 20,000 journals, magazines, newspapers online, and plenty of other electronic material, the CUL website offers a top-level, state-of-the-art repository of digital resources covering social science and related fields


Composed of 20 libraries, the actual CUL reunites several outstanding collections -- this comprehensive website is their companion, with plenty of integrated data and material


The CUL system covers a great variety of material - its site offers plenty of integrated layers of information and data about such a system, particularly tailored for the different needs of local students, from reference metadata to full-text historical documents and multimedia files

Information density

With such a quality and quantity of material, the CUL website is extremely rich in material, services and research tools, with access to such material as over 20,000 journals, magazines, and newspapers online, or a suite of personalized electronic services

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering such subjects as Social Science Data, Public Opinion or Sociology (to name just a few), the site content is surely a great resource for anything related to PS matters around the world

Updating Rate

Selection and acquisition of material is a top priority here, thus overall the CUL website is constantly updated with new entries and news items