European Social Survey


Organized in a professional, consistent, well-organized structure, the overall content is easy to understand and provides useful information for EU-related research; updates follow the project working rate (Round 5 should start in June 2009)


Managed by a professional team spread in a handful of EU countries, the website content is focused only on the project activities and production


Data, files, news, etc. are provided in a consistent, well-organized and easy-to-understand format throughout the website

Information density

Several pages and sections provide useful details on a relatively restricted topic (including more than 220 pdf files)

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Data, charts on recent and current EU political trends and people's behaviour have good relevance for the PS field

Updating Rate

The project follows specific key dates and timetables, thus its website is updated accordingly, at an acceptable rate (Round 5 should start in June 2009)